Zaney Travel is not just my job, it is my passion!

Do you look forward to your vacation as the highlight of the year, or does the idea of an adventure fill you with anxiety? What I really mean is does the idea of planning a vacation leave you stressed and worried? Do you worry about what you are going to eat? After all no one wants to have a stomach ache while traveling. Maybe your concern is personal safety. For some travelers it is concerns about money, activities, or overnight accommodations that overwhelm them. I want to help you. I want to get you out there. I want you to experience this beautiful planet and all of its inhabitants because once you do you will want to share (and protect) it just as I do.

I know how valuable travel is. When you travel the world becomes your classroom. You will learn about the Earth and it’s people. And BTW, so can your children. If you travel with me you will experience wildlife, cultures, volcanos and more importantly, new perspectives. I will show you monkeys, birds, and whales. You can see rain forests, cloud forests, and beaches. You can hike, climb, draw, paint, repel, sculpt, tour, workout, zip line, kayak, and eat! I can take you to museums or to a festival. I can immerse you into the culture. You will make new friends in a new place. Want to see butterflies? I can show them to you in the wild, in gardens, and in exhibits. I can even take you to the farms where butterflies are grown. You can meet the families who grow the butterflies and enjoy a cup of coffee with them.


This is not a bus tour. You won’t be traveling with a large group of tourists. You won’t be following an itinerary that doesn’t match with what you want to experience. A Zaney Travel trip is a customized adventure that we will design together. We know how precious your leisure time is and we are humbled when guests trust us to design their adventures.