Meet Zane Greathouse

Costa Rica Travel Expert

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The Founder of Zaney Travel

Zane has been traveling to Costa Rica for over 25 years, and his passion for the authentic Costa Rican culture is unparalleled.


Zane Travel was born from Zane’s desire to share his love of the earth and all of its’ inhabitants: the people, plants, and animals. He wants everyone to experience Costa Rica confidently through adventures that save you time and money, minimize your anxiety, meet your needs, and most importantly, allow you to fully enjoy yourself without worry!

photo of Zane Greathouse in a red helmet

As someone with Celiac disease himself, Zane has a genuine understanding of the obstacles people face when traveling with food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities.

His goal is to free people from the confines of their food limitations so they can enjoy an unforgettable adventure without the fear of what they’ll eat, how they’ll communicate their needs, how they’ll travel in Costa Rica, or what they’ll do once they arrive.

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Where It All Began

At 20 years old, Zane was a whitewater raft guide. He has a deeply ingrained love for nature, and is drawn to guiding others and showing them the beauty in adventure.


Fast forward a couple years, and Zane is the owner of Greathouse Butterfly Farm—the largest butterfly farm in North America. As the President of the International Butterfly Breeders Association, Zane organized a successful butterfly breeders convention by himself in Ft. Lauderdale. For the 10th year celebration, he decided to host the convention in Costa Rica.


Zane chose Costa Rica, because there are more butterfly farms in Costa Rica than any other country, and Costa Rica is consistently rated one of the happiest places on earth. While organizing this convention in Costa Rica, Zane started meeting people, and getting to know the native farmers from a genuine (non-touristy) perspective.


He trained butterfly farmers, developed lifelong relationships, enjoyed all of Costa Rica’s native foods, and embodied Pura Vida.


While experiencing Costa Rica, Zane realized he could guide other people and support them along their journey to the happiest place on earth.


Zane Greathouse ziplining upside down

A Note From Zane

Do you look forward to your vacation as the highlight of the year, or does the idea of an adventure fill you with anxiety? Does the idea of planning a vacation leave you stressed and worried? Do you worry about what you are going to eat? After all, no one wants to have a stomach ache while traveling. Maybe your concern is personal safety.

For some travelers it is concerns about money, activities, or overnight accommodations that overwhelm them. I want to help you. I want to get you out there. I want you to experience this beautiful planet and all of its inhabitants because once you do you will want to share (and protect) it just as I do.

This is not a bus tour. You won’t be traveling with a large group of tourists. You won’t be following an itinerary that doesn’t match what you want to experience. A Zaney Travel trip is a customized adventure that we will design together. We know how precious your leisure time is, and we are humbled when guests trust us to design their adventures.

Ready for a worry-free vacation?